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More Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

by Landon Gilfillan on December 9, 2013

More Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

When Is Your Store’s “Deal” Day?

Well, I’m debating over how I want to organize these meal plans.  I like things to start at the beginning of the week, i.e. Sunday or Monday.  But since I do the bulk of my shopping on Wednesdays, my meal plans generally start on Wednesday, possibly on Thursday.

This sort of drives the Type A in me crazy, because I like order and it just seems weird to start something in the middle of the week!  Oh well, I’m throwing caution to the wind and will stick with what has been working for me.  Here’s why.

I have noticed that most of the deals in my stores happen on Wednesdays, especially at Sprouts and Aldi’s.  Both stores put out their weekly ad on Wednesday, and Sprouts has what they call “Double Ad Wednesday”.  Since their ad starts and ends on Wednesdays, you get both the deals from last week and the current week when you shop on, you guessed it, Wednesday!

The other store I like to shop at, GFF Foods, also does a weekly ad starting on Wednesday and they do 2-day ads throughout the week.  I think they have a small storage room, so they have to sell everything fast or throw it out.  They have super deals for this reason.  Check out part of their ad for today and tomorrow:

  • Organic seedless grapes————1.99 LB
  • Navel Oranges 4 LB Bag————2.99
  • Raspberries 6z Tub——————0.89
  • Canteloupes————————–0.79 EA
  • Imported cherries——————–1.99 LB
  • Organic celery hearts—————-0.79 Pkg
  • Organic baby spinach—————0.69 Tub
  • White potatoes———————–0.49 LB
  • Organic sweet potatoes 3 LB bag—0.89
  • Organic spinach 11 z—————-0.99

If you know your grocery prices, these are SUPER SWEET deals, and I will be stocking up on them tomorrow!  Especially the organic produce, what a deal!  I will buy extra raspberries and cherries and freeze them for smoothies.  Probably some spinach too.

Stock Up, If You Can

If you can get yourself on a regular grocery schedule, it will help you to shop ahead and purchase some bulk buys.  It took me awhile to get where I could do this without overspending my budget.  I had to only buy what I needed until I got to where I had money leftover at the end of the week to move over to the next week.

Plus, if I really worked hard to find those “super deals”, I could budget in buying more than one item, maybe even three.  This works especially well with items you use on a regular basis.  You can then cook from them all week long OR freeze them to use in another week.

For two weeks, for example, all-natural ground beef was on sale for $2.99/Lb at Sprouts (a cent more than Wal-Mart’s “cheapo” bulk ground).  So, I stocked up and made lots of chili, meatballs, meatloaf, stuffed peppers, hamburgers, etc.  Strangely, I didn’t feel completely grossed out by beef at the end of the week!

This week, chicken seems to be the name of the game.  I bought eight chicken quarters at Aldi’s a couple of weeks ago for $3!!  Both packages were in the markdown area, so I grabbed them and immediately froze them when I got home.  Two chicken quarters will feed us for two meals (I know how to stretch them). So, this basically means that I spent $3 on about fourteen to sixteen meals!

Rotisserie chickens are also on sale at Sprouts Wednesday, so I will probably buy two of those, and then go home and debone them.  Once I’ve taken the meat off, I’ll throw the bones in a crock pot with some veggies and make some nutritious chicken stock.  Then I’ll use part of the shredded chicken for my Tostada meal on Sunday and freeze the rest for Mexican Chicken Soup, chicken salad, or Chicken “Rice” Casserole.

Okay, that’s it for now folks.  But stick around, I’ll be posting the upcoming week’s meal plan and grocery shopping deals very soon!


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