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Weekly Paleo Meal Plan #3

by Landon Gilfillan on December 17, 2013

Weekly Paleo Meal Plan #3

This is a tighter week for us and Hubby asked me to see if I could keep the groceries at $80 for the week.  And so I have!  Thankfully, I have been stocking up on sale items the past couple of weeks with leftover budget money.  So our freezer is stocked full of extra meat, frozen fruit, frozen veggies and stocks.

I also had the opportunity to stock up on bulk items (oats, dried fruits, and nuts) last week at Sprouts 72-hour Bulk Sale, so we have plenty of goodies to make trail mixes, granolas, and otherwise.  It’s times like these where it really pays off to look for good sale items (even if you don’t need them that week) and store them for later.  I only buy “EXTRAs” when they are on sale and I have money leftover in my budget.

I have not always been able to do this.  There were many weeks that I could only buy what we needed for that week and maybe not even that.  I have really worked hard to pare down my budget by looking for sales and markdowns and  shopping at discount stores.

By opening up some wiggle room in my weekly budget, I have steadily been able to beef up my food reserve.  So, all the meat on this week’s menu, except the cod, was purchased in the last couple of weeks.  I did, however, purchase a whole cut-up chicken at Sprouts because it was at a really good price, and we are always eating chicken and making stock around here!

Weekly Paleo Meal Plan #3



  • Leftover dinners
  • Sandwich meat, cheese, fruit &/or veggie plates with various dips (hummus, guacamole, homemade ranch)
  • Baked sweet potatoes & roasted chicken


  • Trail mix
  • Rice cakes &/or celery with nut butter
  • Sliced apples with nut butter or honey yogurt dip



Store Deals


  • Russet Potatoes————————$1.29/10LB bag
  • Sweet Potatoes————————-$0.99/3LB bag
  • 2, 12oz. bags of frozen broccoli——-$2.18
  • 2 pkgs. premium bacon—————-$7.98
  • Butter qtrs——————————-$1.69
  • Brown sugar—————————-$1.19 (for Hubby’s oatmeal & my sugar scrub)
  • Gallon milk—————————–$2.69
  • 2 pint half & half———————–$1.59
  •  Bag of white onions——————-$1.79
  • Lg. bottle lemon juice——————$1.89

Total Spent——————————$25.26


SPROUTS (These are all SALE items)

  • California Cuties————————-$3.98/5LB box
  • Bananas @ $0.49/LB——————-$2.53
  • Cherub tomatoes————————-$2.00
  • Butternut squash @ $0.69/LB———-$3.46
  • Monterey Jack @ $2.99/LB————-$3.23
  • Fresh whole chicken @ $1.59/LB——$5.33
  • Alaskan Cod Filets @ $4.99/LB——-$11.63 (a special treat)
  • Spectrum Vegetable shortening——–$4.99 (I’ve been needing this and it was on sale today)
  • OG Muir Glen tomatoes 28oz.———$4.00/2 cans
  • OG Orange extract (50%off)———–$2.24
  • OG Vanilla extract (50%off)———–$2.74
  • 2 boxes Stash teas———————-$4.00

Total Spent——————————-$54.39

GRAND TOTAL————————-$79.65 (Perfect! I told Hubby I’d keep it at $80 this week!)

Weekly Budget Tip:  “Waste Not ,Want Not”

ROTISSERIE CHICKENS ARE THE BEST! If I find a good deal on a rotisserie chicken (or just a fresh whole chicken), I buy them because you get so much more than a quick and easy meal.

Last week, I bought a rotisserie chicken on sale at Sprouts.  I came home, pulled out the crockpot, and deboned the chicken. Then, I put the meat in one container and the bones in the crock pot with water and a bunch of vegetables I had already frozen after they started wilting.  BAM! In 6 minutes, I had shredded chicken ready for a meal and some incredibly nutritious chicken stock brewing.

The lesson?  DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR CHICKEN BONES!  Use them to make cheap and nutritious stock!

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