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Weekly Paleo Meal Plan #2

by Landon Gilfillan on December 10, 2013

Weekly Paleo Meal Plan #2

As mentioned in my previous post, I typically do my grocery shopping on Wednesdays because I generally find the best deals on this day.  However, I did some shopping today at a local store that has some incredible deals on organic produce (see photo above), and you can’t beat that!  So, I want to get this plan posted for my benefit and yours.

NOTE:  I will list the groceries I purchased & how much I spent at each store below the Meal Plan, if you care to look. 🙂

Why Paleo?

By the way, In the near future I want to write a post about why we eat Paleo.  If you aren’t eating that way already, I’m sure you’ve noticed the hype.

I actually stumbled upon the Paleo or caveman diet during the height of figuring out my kids’ food allergies.  I was desperately trying to find recipes that they could eat and that I could cook.  It was a very frustrating time, to say the least.  We don’t follow the diet religiously, but more so according to my children’s tolerance levels.

All of that to say, from time to time, you will see some “non-Paleo” additions to my meal plans.  The kids can tolerate some grains and some dairy, but not much.  And since my three children are 4 years old and under, it becomes difficult to find things they will eat that are strictly Paleo.

I will do my best to have Paleo replacements listed and linked for the non-Paleo items in my meal plans, but if I don’t, please show me grace as I’m doing good to get all this in print as it is. Ha!

On a side note:  One of the many benefits of making my own yogurt is that I can control the amount of lactose in the yogurt by how long I incubate it.  You can incubate yogurt for 4 – 24 hours, but the longer you let it sit, the more probiotics it will contain.   AND if you let it go the entire 24 hours, almost ALL the lactose will have been “eaten up” by the good bacteria.  So, if you’re lactose intolerant, this may be a way to have your cake and eat it too!

Okay, Meal Plan….

Breakfasts (These are generally the same every week though I try to play ‘Mix & Match’.)

  • Paleo Pumpkin Bread or mini muffins (I try to have a different baked good every week.)
  • Smoothies w/ the frozen “fresh” fruit I purchased (raspberries, cherries, pineapple, bananas) & greens
  • Bacon, Eggs & Avocados (staples, though not necessarily always together)
  • Yogurt & fresh or frozen fruit

Lunches & Snacks (These also recycle from week to week because it’s just easier with the kids and all.)

Dinners (Where the excitement and variation begins…)

  • Crock Pot Mexican Chicken Soup, or my favorite, the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Tortilla Soup (though I won’t use all the ingredients this week & I make it without the corn)
  • My Chili (always a favorite around here on a cold night)
  • Chicken Salad (from the rotisserie chicken) on a bed of greens & Kettle chips
    • Recipe #1 (very simple & tasty):  I use my yogurt cheese from my homemade yogurt for the cream cheese, if I use it at all.  Many times I just throw in mayonnaise, salt, pepper, & poppy seeds!
    • Recipe #2 (a little more involved, but worth it!)
    • Recipe #3 – Whatever the heck you want to put in it…Nuts, celery, mayo, grapes or apples …. There’s tons of recipes!
  • Tostadas with Cranberry, Black Beans, & Guacamole (I’m not going to use some of her fancy ingredients, but food I already have on hand – colby cheese for cojita; homemade guac for avocado crema; leftover enchilada sauce for tomatillo salsa)
  • Grilled Steaks (Hubby cooks these) & baked sweet potatoes with a salad
  • Skillet Hash (A great “throw together” kind of meal! You can always change out the meat & veggies, depending on what you have on hand.)

Grocery Deals – Budget $120 + $20 leftover from last week

GFF FOODS (Great discount store with quality foods!)

New York Strips $4.99/LB———–$9.68 (A rare “treat” for my hard-working Hubby!)

Cowboy Ribeyes $4.99/LB———–$7.39 (Besides, you can’t beat these prices with a stick!!)

Cortland apples .88/LB————–$1.90 (LOVE trying different apples, though I generally try to buy organic)

NY Empire Apples .88/LB———–$1.93

Driscoll Raspberries .69/EA———$2.76 for 4 pkgs!!

Oklahoma mushrooms————–$1.39

Organic celery hearts .79/EA——-$1.58 (These replace older celery which I’ll freeze for soups & stocks)

Organic Baby Arugula—————$0.69

Organic Baby Romaine————–$0.99

Organic Red Grapes $1.99/LB——$6.01

Organic sweet potatoes .89/bag—-$1.78

Cherries $1.99/LB——————-$4.64 ($6.99/LB @ Sprouts!)

10 small avocados .28/EA———-$2.80 (Mash most of these up & freeze them in ice cube trays for baby food or guacamole)

White sweet potato .48/LB———-$1.66

Total spent————————$49.04



Coffee 33.9oz—————————$5.49

2 Gallons of milk———————–$5.38  (One gallon used for yogurt)

Creamer———————————$1.59 ($1.78 Wal-Mart)

3 dz Eggs @ $1.29/dz——————$3.87

2 Chocolate bars———————–$2.98 (Hubby’s and my treat every week)

Navel oranges .40/LB—————-$1.59

Bananas .49/LB———————-$1.85 (Same price as Sam’s)

Black Beans—————————$0.59

Total spent————————–$25.32


SPROUTS (My list with sale prices.)

Bulk bacon $3.99/LB——————–$9.10 (same price as Aldi’s premier brand)

Black Forest Ham $5.99/LB————$3.47 (Comparable to Aldi’s Ham)

Pineapple 2/$5—————————$5 (Sadly, I missed that Aldi’s has them for $1 EA)

Grapefruit 3/$1—————————$1.00

Kettle chips 2/$3 ————————-$3 (Aldi’s $1.79/bag)

3 LB Bulk Oats .69/LB————————-$2.06 (Aldi’s $2.39/3 LB)

Bulk raisins 2.49/LB———————$2.96 (Aldi’s $2.79/12 oz.)

Total Spent—————————–$28.40

GRAND TOTAL———————–$102.76



I purchased the below items at Sprouts with the leftover money from this week’s and last week’s budget (~$30).  When I find a good deal on items we use on a regular basis, I’ll get them and store them for future use.

** Whole rotisserie chicken ————$5.99

** Fresh whole chicken $1.59/LB——$5.57

** Butternut Squash .69/LB————-$2.79

** Macadamia Butter——————–$5.99/tub (Regularly $9.99)

** Sprouts Extra-Virgin Olive Oil ——$6.99/1000 mL

Total spent—————————–$29.65 (This still leaves me $7.59 in my pocket for miscellaneous items)


72-Hour SALE

These items are on sale at Sprouts for a 72-hour sale beginning this Friday.  I may consider purchasing them for the freezer, with the exception of the cheese.

Extra-Lean Ground beef $2.99/LB

Mild Yellow Cheddar $2.79/LB

Blackberries $1/pkg

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